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Metastorm ProVision Business Process Analysis (BPA)

A Complete Solution for Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Optimization
In today's challenging economic climate, business process improvement and resource optimization have become an even greater business imperative. Metastorm ProVision® BPA provides a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to discover, model, analyze and optimize their business processes. Metastorm ProVision's ease of use, built in methodologies, integrated user guides, and analysis tools provide rapid time to value. Unlike other products, deep integration into related enterprise architecture capability allows organizations to understand the relationship between their processes and the broader enterprise and business architecture. And paired with Metastorm BPM®, an organization can execute their process improvement initiatives with great speed, agility and minimal cost. Read more.Adobe PDF

Key Capabilities

Benefit: A comprehensive solution, to address both the simpler and more advanced process analysis needs delivers greater process improvement opportunity and business results.

Metastorm ProVision® BPA combines great ease of use with much more than a simple process discovery and modeling tool. Metastorm ProVision® BPA allows you to easily define the basic elements of a process as well as collaboratively model, analyze and understand the relationships to other key elements, such as business goals, strategies, problems, impacts, organizational participants, and related business and enterprise architecture.
Benefit: Model more of your processes faster to deliver quicker results from your BPA initiatives.

There is a reason why Metastorm ProVision receives accolades for its usability. Role based personalization and "dimensional" views allow users to focus on what is relevant for their specific responsibilities and objectives. Metastorm ProVision heavily utilizes conventions that people don't have to learn - they already know. Rich model palettes and galleries ease creation of new models. Search and "where used" tools make finding and reusing objects easy. And at any time users can access ProGuide, which provides integrated product guidance and project templates.
Benefit: By leveraging the software and the integrated modeling languages and frameworks of Metastorm ProVision, you can quickly apply your preferred methodology in a standardized and productive manner.

Successful process analysis efforts not only require strong modeling software but also a strong approach or methodology. Metastorm ProVision® supports all the well known process-related methodologies and standards such as Rummler-Brache, BPMN, Six Sigma, along with the process aspects of many well-known industry Architecture frameworks such as TOGAF, DoDAF and Zachman. Metastorm ProVision® takes this even further by providing a process oriented framework designed to facilitate consistency and unify the various modeling areas and disciplines. And for organizations that have their own approach, Metastorm ProVision’s extensive configurability allows creation of customized methodologies.
Benefit: Broader and more effective business participation will yield superior process improvement results -- larger returns, greater consensus, fewer unintended consequences and lower risks.

The Metastorm Knowledge Exchange® repository allows potentially thousands of users at an organization to collaborate on the definition, analysis and optimization of their business processes—all from a common repository which provides a common basis of understanding. Web-based access makes participation simple and easy from anywhere in the world. Advanced collaboration features such as granular access control, check-in/check-out and "where used" features facilitate collaboration while preventing potential "collisions" and security/governance issues.
Benefit: Identify and evaluate the right process changes in order to increase your process improvement success rate.

Before making costly and potentially harmful process changes, simulate possible process impacts and explore organizational benefits. Metastorm ProVision®’s advanced simulator allows you to conduct timing, cost, and state analysis on current processes and multiple "To-Be" scenarios. Metastorm ProVision's flexible data interface allows simulations to be run based on inferred/hypothetical data or, better yet, actual data collected by Metastorm ProVision's data discovery capability. A BPM system (such as Metastorm BPM) and many other data sources can also provide empirical data to drive the simulator.
Benefit: Collect higher quality and higher volumes of process data at lower expense to better target areas for improvement.

One of the biggest barriers to successful process improvement initiatives is knowing which processes are the best candidates for improvement and where they need to be improved. Without a system such as a Metastorm ProVision ® Discovery to collect process data, organizations have historically resorted to either making "guestimates" or spending considerable resources manually observing process behavior. Metastorm ProVision provides a much better choice by allowing organizations to collect actual process data via hand held devices and use this data to conduct analyses and simulations.
Benefit: Accelerate and advance your Six Sigma efforts while making it more relevant and understandable to the broader enterprise.

Lean Six Sigma has introduced some of the most sophisticated and far reaching process excellence efforts that the World has seen. Metastorm ProVision not only delivers a Six Sigma modeling language, but also the advanced reporting and statistical analysis tools that the (Lean) Six Sigma practitioner needs to effectively support their organizational initiatives. All of this can be done within the broader context and understanding of the organization and its processes.
Benefit: Broaden the range of technologies that contribute to your process improvement ecosystem and results.

The real power of a BPA tool can only be realized through major synergy with other systems. Metastorm ProVision®'s open CIF (API) interface supports bi-directional integration with virtually any system. Robust, predefined interfaces have been established with a wide range of complementary tools and technology formats including BPEL, XPDL, WSDL, XMI, Visio, MS Project, Excel, Word, and numerous other BPM, workflow, ERP and IT implementation systems. Tight integration to Metastorm ProVision's Enterprise Architecture capability and Metastorm BPM® provide unique support from business strategy to execution.
Benefit: Achieve unmatched levels of enterprise effectiveness by better aligning business strategy and enterprise assets and capabilities, with business analysis and ground level execution.

Through its integrated EA, BPA, BPM and Integration capabilities, Metastorm Enterprise uniquely provides companies the ability to tie process improvement initiatives directly to the broader business strategy, goals, analysis and implementation architectures.
Metastorm delivers more than just software. Through years of experience across over 1,000 clients, Metastorm and its partners have developed a rich set of additional product “accelerators” which allow you to get the most from your investment and achieve rapid time to value. These accelerators are made available as various forms of Product Packs as outlined below.

Reference Models

Metastorm ProVision® supplies domain specific reference models which provide the foundation for successfully defining the operations of key business functions. Pre-built reference models are available for Finance (Sarbanes-Oxley), Telecommunications, ITIL, Supply Chain, Design Chain, Customer Chain and Value Chain and are based on published standards, industry expertise and practical experience. Moreover, Metastorm ProVision is flexible enough to even allow you to design your own reference model.  Learn More.
Frameworks and Taxonomies

Frameworks are used to encourage the use of a consistent structure for architectural descriptions. Because an Enterprise Architecture is a multi-dimensional representation of a large and complex entity, a variety of multi-dimensional structures (Frameworks) are possible, differing in the number and nature of the dimensions.

 Widely used frameworks include the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF), the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Framework, Rummler & Brache, Six Sigma, and the Zachman Framework. Metastorm provides support for all of these frameworks by accommodating each framework's notation conventions and model types within Metastorm ProVision®. Moreover, Metastorm ProVision is flexible enough to even allow you to design your own framework. Learn More.

Metastorm Process Pods®

Time to value is a key requirement of today’s process improvement efforts. To achieve this, such efforts require rapid implementation and immediate, measurable impact. To help customers accelerate their process improvement initiatives and reap the rewards as rapidly as possible, Metastorm has created the Metastorm Process Pod® program. Metastorm Process Pods® are designed to provide a rich set of solution frameworks that serve as ‘implementation accelerators’ for Metastorm BPM®, Metastorm Integration Manager, and Metastorm ProVision® process improvement initiatives.

Function/Feature Metastorm ProVision BPA Other Software
Intuitive Modeling – Easy to use, drag-and-drop user interface for building models.
Comprehensive View – Understand and improve business processes within the context of the organization’s direction, strategy, goals, other processes and even broad enterprise architecture.
Support for Popular Process Oriented Frameworks and Modeling Languages – BPMN, Rummler & Brache, IDEF, UML.
Pre-integrated Popular Process Oriented Frameworks and Modeling Languages
Model More Than Processes – Analyze people, skills, events, products/services, locations and metrics independently, or to the extent they are tied to processes.
Dimensional Support – All variations of a process can be modeled and viewed across dimensions such as geography, timeframe (as-is/to-be), version, user community, etc.
Discrete Event & Monte Carlo Simulation – Two solutions for basic or sophisticated business process simulation.
Process Data Discovery - Collect process data with an easy to use handheld based tool for as-is analysis and simulation.
Extensive Simulation Variables – All capabilities and constraints affecting the performance of a process are considered at a detailed level for activities, resources, commodities and flow capacity.
Lean Six Sigma Support – Supporting analysis and reports, and links to statistical analysis tools for Six Sigma experts.
Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting – View built-in reports as well as your own designs.  Customize publishing to HTML, MS Word and other formats.
Process Execution Support – Redesigned processes can be executed by generating BPEL, or by passing process models to specific BPM tools, such as Metastorm BPM®.
SOA Support – WSDL import and export of services and messages.  Tie services to reusable activities to define an automated solution for each step in a process.
Common, Web-based Repository – Metastorm Knowledge Exchange® provides a ubiquitous access solution for projects or organizations spread around the world.
Web-based Collaboration – Modelers, reviewers and readers can access Metastorm ProVision® models from anywhere using Metastorm Knowledge Exchange®'s thin client.
Integration to Complementary EA and BPM Capability – Metastorm ProVision’s EA capability and Metastorm BPM.
Integration to Other Software – Metastorm ProVision integrates into a broad range of complementary tools and technology  formats including BPEL, XPDL, WSDL, XMI, Visio,  MS Project, Excel, Word,  and numerous other BPM, workflow, ERP and IT implementation platforms and tools.
Customer Description Customer Description
Atos Origin Reduced customer change defects attributable to insufficient business testing from 60% to 0%. Read More. Seagate Increased product quality – reduced disk drive defect rates by 66%. Read More.
HP Improved cycle time to streamline and enhance process performance. Reduced out-of-hours’ requests for help. Read More. AAPT Reduced over 2000 Lombardi process diagrams into a single repository of 229 interactive models. Read More.
Vertex Significantly enhanced Vertex’s SAS 70 initiatives. Read More.Adobe PDF MedioFLO Created over 200 process/workflow models to improve quality management and support ISO certification. Received recognition from the ISO registrar as an "Industry Best Practice."  Read More.
Dyonyx Established framework for compliance with Department of Energy and North  American Electric Reliability Council requirements. Read More.Adobe PDF Delta Establishing a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture program. Eliminated waste of time, money and resources across multiple areas. Read More.
KDOT Defined and implemented comprehensive Enterprise Architecture strategy to ensure KDOT’s portfolio of processes, information applications and technology is optimized. Developed long and short range plans including system maintenance and enhancements. Read More. KDOC Employed enterprise architecture as a mature strategy for integrating business with technology to produce a long-term roadmap for the organization. Read More.
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